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Facility Design

Trimco's Partnership With Moore Design

COOKIES - Harbor City, CA.

The new, three-story-tall, cannabis facility, will be the new location of COOKIES, to include its brand new dispensary on its first floor. The facility is designed to include a cultivation facility, a distribution center, and a manufacturing area. 

This steel construction with pour-on-place concrete not only will be one of the best buildings the city has yet to host but with COOKIES management will be one of the best spots to visit. 

This design includes a fully covered parking structure, with an eco-friendly solutions bike station and long storage as well as multiple electric vehicles charging stations, for all the customers to enjoy.


One of the largest cannabis facilities ever ambitioned, a 210,000 square foot building, is more a statement. Our building design screams “Here we are”, the first building of a series of 8 buildings. 

The complexity of this building is beyond any other cannabis facility, with a full cafeteria, employees gym, facility headquarters. With an energy-efficient design envelope. This facility, not only is one of the largest indoor cultivation facilities but is a well-thought design that merges both the business side with the desire to provide more to the employees.

Developing this building is developing the city, a project like this comes with unique challenges to conquer. The City of Needles soon will be changing and placing its mark on the map. 

CARCOM - Carson, CA.

CARCOM is the largest Cannabis Complex in Los Angeles County. This development includes 5 stories with an impressive 300,000 square feet of multi-licensing premises, making it the most exciting cannabis development on the west coast. From distribution, manufacturing, and cultivation, this facility has it all; the looks, the location, and utmost, a great team behind to fully optimize each and every square foot of construction.

The CARCOM center has been designed to be a Cannabis-Trade-Center. With 60,000 square feet of available office space, up to 120,000 square feet of cultivation & 120,000 square feet for level 6 and level 7 manufacturing, distribution, storage, and other operations. The CARCOM center is ideal for the small, medium and large operator.

GOLDEN LEAF - North Hollywood, CA.

The GOLDEN LEAF project is one of many in Los Angeles County area that is revamping an existing building. Applying cutting edge technology to an old industrial zone, this idea makes it the perfect project for designers like us.  Utilizing old spaces comes with a lot of challenges, but truly brings a city back to life.

This facility is to include an on-display cultivation area for all dispensary customers to enjoy, amaze and wonder, this gives transparency that the Cannabis Industry is barely embracing. The GOLDEN LEAF Project not only brings back to life old building but stands as its own, with a fresh design, new energy efficiency technology and a great group of licensed operators.