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About Us


Who We Are

The inception of Trimco can be traced back to 2015 when our founder, taking his initial steps in the cannabis industry, came face-to-face with a prevalent practice: the “Trim Party.” Characterized by a transient workforce, often under the influence, these parties illustrated a glaring deficiency in the industry’s approach to trimming cannabis. The stark unprofessionalism and lack of structure in this crucial supply chain link became evident as the industry’s most significant challenge.

Born out of the necessity to mend this disjointed link, Trimco emerged as the answer.

Yet, as Trimco navigated through the industry’s intricacies, a pivotal realization surfaced. Our unique service positioning granted us an unparalleled vantage point, providing insights into a vast array of cultivation methodologies practiced by some of the world’s elite cultivators. By analyzing the production outcomes of these methodologies, we harnessed the knowledge to guide our clients towards optimizing their facilities, consequently boosting their profits.

Spurred by this realization and our unwavering commitment to excellence, Trimco expanded its horizon. Today, we proudly offer a comprehensive suite of services encompassing facility design, facility management, post-harvest processing, and trained cannabis labor staffing.

Our Core Values

Purpose / Cause / Passion 

Unlocking long-term, life-changing opportunities for our
workforce and clients is what our core values are all about
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We set a standard of excellence that no-one can match.

We continuously pursue strategic superiority.

We are fanatically focused on only what matters.

We pursue big ideas and game-changing innovations.

We are hungry for unequivocal excellence.

We embrace debate in search of our best ideas.

We are full throttle, at all times.

We embrace the grind, with a smile.

We melt down every barrier.

We seek our highest performance as individuals and as a team.

We relentlessly compete with ourselves.

We are human-centric in all our decisions.

We prioritize and protect the Trimco culture.

We are kind, compassionate, patient, and optimistic in our relationships with one another.

We actively build unity within the Trimco family at every opportunity.

We generate opportunities for our teammates and empower them to level up.

We seek to elevate, inspire and amaze each other, every day.

We actively support growth in those around us.

We promote one another, based on merit and fairness.

We fight to build and protect the Trimco brand.

We build relationships as if they’ll last forever.

We act as if everything is seen, and nothing is forgotten.

We stick to our principles, even when it’s inconvenient.

We ensure our word is our bond, and our integrity is unquestionable.